Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Calamity Morton strikes again!

The next day, aching and walking like an elderly couple we caught an early morning bus to Suzhou. The hostel arranged for us to get a minibus to the bus, which we jumped onto very quickly as there is always a frenetic energy in these situations with people screaming ”get on get on!”. 20 minutes in Adam noticed his wallet was missing. Fck! It was one of those moments that you hope won't happen, but here we were... on a bus to Suzhou with no wallet. Now I have to give some background here in that at the beginning of the trip Adam had managed to somehow forget his pin number which had resulted in him being locked out of his account pretty much straight away.. so he had previous! I somehow managed to explain to the bus driver what had happened and ask him to phone the minibus.. amazingly he understood what I was yabbering on about and called the minibus, who had returned it to the hostel. The hostel girl then amazingly followed the bus route in a taxi and got the bus to wait!! It was a very slow twenty minutes sitting on that bus, but amazingly Adam had his wallet returned to him in person and we were soon on our merry way with not a negative word mentioned in our direction from the other passengers- extremely nice of them! I don't think you would get that on the National Express! Adam is a lucky Mofo.

We arrived in Suzhou in the early afternoon and made our way to yet another hostel which surpassed our expectations in its beauty, grandeur and helpfulness! Suzhou is cool, I have wanted to go there for a long time and it didn't disappoint. Again, it was much bigger than expected, a virtual city in its own right on the doorstep of Shanghai. Marco Polo once supposedly described it as the Venice of the Orient, and it still has some small areas which lie on canals, our hostel was situated on one. All very quaint and lovely. It is also famous for its ancient gardens which we checked out the following day. They are a bit like what most of us know of Japanese gardens, but slightly more wild and less polished. Very beautiful all in all.

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