Sunday, July 5, 2009

Largest Waterfall in China

Having grown fond of our hotel and Guiyang in general we decided to forego Anshun entirely and keep our base in Guiyang...and ventured off to the Huangguoshu falls, the largest waterfall in China apparently. I have to confess this is one of the things which Adam was a bit more up for and I had been a bit reticent about, but it actually was a pretty spectacular day. We thought it would be a couple hours at a waterfall, but it transpired to be more of a day out in a National Park. You paid for your ticket and were then bussed to three different locations, the first two containing smaller waterfalls and interesting scenery of limestone caves and karst upthrusts. The sun was shining, we managed to make our way there without any problems...and the large waterfall was pretty spectacular actually. It is pretty enormous with permanent rainbows at the foot of it. But what makes it even more interesting is that you can walk behind it through different natural caves until you find yourself actually standing behind the waterfall itself. Standing there with the sun shining through the water and the crash of the fall was pretty damn cool, and my reticence was silenced then and there. The day was better still as we encountered ‘Funny Steve’, a Chinese tourist. We actually only saw ‘Funny Steve’ from 50 yards, but Adam named this character so after he witnessed him joking about at the back of his tour groups photos, and created this whole persona for this man who is apparently ‘such a crazy kidder...that Funny Steve’

We then had another night in Guiyang, stuffing ourselves with various street foods from noodles to dumplings to satay sticks... We had a couple small conversations with people who seemed to wonder why we were there, and were slightly amazed that we were westerners and able to use chop sticks, but my conversations can only last so long...

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