Friday, July 10, 2009

Dehang, Hunan Province

Moving on from Fenghuang (as much as I would have loved to stay and scoff soft shell crab forever) we caught two buses to a place called Dehang, further north. Note- although I am not mentioning it much I still find it quite a trial at points doing the simplest things in Chinese. It is strange, some days I am great and people understand everything I say and it's all plain sailing, and other days it is as if I have forgotten everything and the wrong words come out and it takes ages to do the simplest things.. I guess this is what learning a language is comprehension has improved ten-fold though and I can often understand what people are saying/talking about, it is the stringing together of words to respond to them I find impossible!!

Anyway, I digress. So... Dehang. It is beautiful small village made up of stone houses surrounding a small river, and surrounded itself by enormous lime stone cliffs. Upon arrival we wandered about and then had brek/lunch at a little restaurant on the river, made more entertaining by the domestic which seemed to be going on around us between husband and wife team who owned it... the kitchen and dining area were all in the same room so there wasn't much room for privacy.. Not that most Chinese people seem to mind this, I am not lying when I say this but in every single place we have travelled to we have seen fights break out between various people, two of them including policemen ! So much for everyone being afraid of the Authorities eh..!

Anyway, I digress again! After lunch we went on a walk through valleys, with rice paddy fields cut into the mountains on any piece of land possible, and the lime mountains high above us. There was hardly a soul around and it was a beautiful sunny day, and flat! For the most part, there was one pretty steep mountain we had to climb to see a waterfall, which was a bit tough going... but other than that it was all lovely. Dehang had a sleepy feel to it and everything seemed to wind down early at night, which was perhaps welcome after the excesses of Fenghuang...

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