Thursday, July 30, 2009

Xian...last stop in China

The next day we headed south down to Xian aboard a 12 hour bus... nice! Not much more to say about that other than we arrived in Xian early evening feeling a bit weary. We had a bit of trouble getting from the bus station to the hostel as no taxi in sight seemed to be stopping for us! We walked down to the train station and it was the same.. weird! We tried to then ask a tuk tuk driver who acted like we were asking the most insane thing in the world when the most helpful person ever came to our rescue, a young guy who spoke english explained for some reasons the taxi's weren't allowed to stop near the station, so he then walked with us up the road for about 10 minutes, flagged down a taxi who wasn't up for taking us so he then phoned our hotel and got exact directions and bartered a price with the driver! Faye and I have sworn that the next time we see a confused looking tourist in London instead of averting our eyes and pretending we can't see them we are going to be good samaritans... we shall see!

We were only in Xian for a day (yep - you guessed it... an amazing hostel!) so we went our separate ways... Faye visited the Terracotta Army which she liked and I...

what the hell did I do on my last day in China?! I have to say I spent most of it wandering around the shops ha ha! It was cool though, a good place for some retail therapy.

Our last night we ran around buying some last minute presents including some awesome flasks, and had a few beers, a nice opportunity to look back at the last two weeks and where they had taken us. We ate in a muslim restaurant, much to the amusement of the good natured young staff. We helped them with their english homework and I amused them by repeating everything they were saying in English in Chinese. Attempting at any rate- no doubt badly!

Anyway... so that was it!! 6 whole weeks in China, gone in one fell swoop.. It felt weird to be leaving but I have a strange feeling I may be back again one day! here's hoping...

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